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Jamaica! $2.1 Million Hard Money Land Loan

Jamaica Hard Money Loan

 *$2.1 million Hard Money Pre-Development Land Loan – Island of Jamaica

Loan Amount:  $2,100,000 USD

Loan To Value:  55% of Appraised Value

Use of Proceeds:  Repositioning & Pre-Development Funds

Income Verification:  Stated Income / Stated Asset

PROBLEM:  The property is raw, undeveloped, non-income producing land on the island of Jamaica.

SOLUTION:  Westshore Mortgage & Investments Co., Inc. structured a 36 month, hard money bridge loan based on the current, “as-is” value of the property. This hard money loan enabled the borrower to re-position assets in anticipation of imminent, future development of the property. Additionally, a 24 month interest reserve account was built into the loan to service the payments and alleviate the borrowers concerns regarding servicing the debt from a non income producing property. This gave the borrower piece of mind and thereby enabling him to concentrate on future development details of the project.


$1.85 Million High-End Investment Property Bridge Loan – Sarasota, Florida
Bridge Loan

Loan Amount:  $1,850,000
Loan To Value:  60% of Current “AS-IS” $3 Million Value
Use of Proceeds:  Pay Off Balloons / Complete Construction
Income Verification:  Stated Income / Stated Asset
Closing Time:  18 Days From Receipt of the Appraisal

PROBLEM:  Time was running out for the investor on this beautiful, $3 million +, water-front, “spec home” as both, the existing first and second mortgage loans had balloon notes coming due in 45 days. Add to that, significant construction upgrades put this property more than $200,000 over budget and 60 days behind schedule.

SOLUTION:  Westshore Mortgage & Investments Co., Inc. structured a twelve-month, bridge loan to head off the pending balloon payments and at the same time, secured the additional $200,000 + needed for the builder to complete construction. This bridge loan not only gave the builder the additional time required to finish construction but, it also affords the property owner the time necessary to effectively market this beautiful, luxury property for sale to the end buyer.


Warehouse / Processing Facility – Cash Out Refinance –
Ft. Pierce, FloridaHard Money Loan

Loan Amount:  $135,000
Loan To Value:  60% LTV of Tax Assessed Value
No Income Verification – Stated Income / Stated Assets
Use of Proceeds:  Cash Out – Property Improvements
Closing Time:  13 Days

Client will use funds to upgrade and modernize their agricultural processing and warehouse facility for the upcoming growing and harvesting season.


Rental Property Acquisition – Miami Gardens, FloridaHard Money Loans

Loan Amount:  $101,500
Loan To Value:  *70% LTV of Purchase Price
No Income Verification – Stated Income / Stated Assets
Use of Proceeds:  Rental Property Acquisition
Closing Time:  21 Days

*Recently remodeled property was purchased from a motivated seller at $22,000 below appraised value. The purchase of this property included a long-term tenant occupant generating an immediate, $300 per month, net positive cash flow for the buyer.


Ocean Front Investment Condo Cash Out Refinance Loan –
Palm Beach, Florida

Hard Money Loan
Loan Amount:  $250,000
Loan To Value:  46% LTV
No Income Verification – Stated Income / Stated Assets
Use of Proceeds:  Cash Out – Working Capital For Business
Closing Time:  19 Days


Bed & Breakfast Rehab / Renovation Loan –
Englewood, Floridarecently funded hard money loans

Loan Amount:  $100,000
Loan To Value:  50% LTV
Collateral:  10 Unit Bed & Breakfast
Use of Proceeds:  Rehab / Renovation
Closing Time:  8 Days


Professional Office Building – Melbourne, Florida
hard money loans

Loan Amount: $130,900
Loan To Value: 70%/85% CLTV (Seller Second)
Collateral: Single-Tenant Professional Office
Use of Proceeds: Acquisition
Closing Time: 11 Days


Fix & Flip / Investor Rehab – BEFORE
Hard Money Loans

Fix & Flip / Investor Rehab – AFTER
Hard Money Loans

Loan Amount: $112,500
Loan To Value:  65% of After Repair Value ‘ARV’
Collateral: Investment SFR
Use of Proceeds:  Acquisition & Rehab
Closing Time:  17 Days


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